Just when you don’t think anything can be better than the 241 happy hour rum cocktails at Turtle Bay, the authentic Caribbean food just blows it out the park!

After visiting Nottingham’s Turtle Bay on numerous occasions for their delicious “One Love” cocktails, frozen strawberry daiquiris and a cheeky burger, it was most definitely time to give something a little more ‘authentic’ a shot.


After arriving just before their happy hours ended we were greeted by the usual queue at the bar, but this is totally worth it for a taste of their creations before dinner.

We were shown to our table towards the back of the restaurant by a lovely host before looking through the menu. I had been recommended the Trinidad chicken curry for my main and decided on the jerk pit prawns to start and Matt went for the jerk chicken wings followed by jerk ribs for the main course – I know what you are thinking, a common jerky theme going on here…it was so worth it.


The prawns did absolutely not disappoint, and although a little messy (do not wear any white clothing!), they were extremely fresh and juicy and although they were shell-on shrimps the jerk seasoning gave the prawns a beautifully spicy flavour, penetrating their shells. The spring onions gave a lovely crunch with the addition of a delicious garlic, herb and chilli butter on top of a little flat bread. However, next time I would definitely order some extra flatbread to soak up that amazingly tasty butter.


Next up was the Trinidadian curry ordered by recommendation of a friend. I was a little dubious venturing away from the yummy goat burger, but this was a very good curry. Served with rice and peas, caramelised onion and coconut. This curry really did hold some punchy flavours, I was hit by the deliciously creamy coconut milk with a crunch of mango before finally the scotch bonnet which held just the right amount of spice for me.

I tried a little of Matt’s jerk BBQ feast which was also extremely tasty. With just the right amount of jerk seasoning on both his starter and main courses, as well as the ‘fall apart’ nature of the ribs, he was absolutely not disappointed.

The Saturday night atmosphere was great and there was a great buzz in the restaurant. And the smells coming from the open plan kitchen, what can I say? Absolutely out of this world.

Three words to describe Turtle Bay Nottingham: Flavoursome, spicy and delicious.

Turtle Bay – 8/10: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I’d love to hear some of your Caribbean curry recipes, have you got any to share?


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