PUB: The Griffin’s Head

In my mind there is a checklist as to what separates a good pub from a great pub. A great pub requires a cosy atmosphere (preferably a log fire), great home cooked food and friendly customer service. The Griffin’s Head in Papplewick most definitely delivers on all of the above.

I wouldn’t say that this pub is my local per se, but it’s a quick five minute drive or a lovely Sunday afternoon walk from my house. And my goodness, is it worth the walk!

The atmosphere and interior is a typical old-fashioned pub with dark wood tables and beams coming from the ceiling (they have even put glass over the top of the old well, so you can see down there). I am always greeted by incredibly friendly staff and the food is just out of this world. I have tried a range of foods from mac n cheese on a pizza (yes that’s right!) to a homemade chicken kiev and a ‘sloppy joe’ burger to Sunday dinner, and my goodness, the puddings…nothing even needs to be said.


During my visit a couple of weeks ago on a gloomy and cold Wednesday night I tried their pie for the first time. A delicious tender steak and ale combination, topped with the most amazingly buttery shortcrust pastry – not a soggy bottom in sight! Served with rich beef gravy and homemade triple cooked chips. My mouth is watering just thinking about it again.

I’m starting to think that my boyfriend might actually love their Sloppy Joe burger more than me. This is his first choice for every visit without fail. A homemade beef burger cooked to perfection topped with a spicy chilli and lashings of montery jack cheese. Yes please! I can’t really blame him for loving it more than me.


Now moving on to the incredible Sunday roast. I’ve tried most of their meats and have never once been disappointed. The beef beautifully tender, the lamb so so tasty and with the pork (pictured above) you get the added bonus of stuffing and crackling along with delicious pork loin. The accompaniments are also great, with roast AND mashed potatoes, a bowl of veg each, gravy and that Yorkshire pudding…there are literally no words.

It was the first time I had tried their sticky toffee pudding and oh my! I think I might have met the love of my life that day. An insanely moist sponge laced with dates, covered in toffee sauce and drizzled with a salted caramel sauce. And that vanilla custard, so rich and creamy. It was an absolute taste sensation.


The pub also has a pizza menu which are all homemade on site and are absolutely delicious. On a Sunday they serve their pizzas alongside the roasts, which is perfect for those hotter summer days!

The atmosphere is what really ticks this pub off as ‘great’, with cosy log fires in the winter and a lovely beer garden out back in the summer. The staff, the old-fashioned pub decor and funny alcohol sayings written on the beams, this pub is most definitely top of my favourite eats in Nottingham – just a juicy bonus it’s so close to home!

Three words to describe the Griffin’s Head in Papplewick: Cosy, hearty and yummy.

The Griffin’s Head – 9/10:  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Are there any great pubs you’d recommend?


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