A working Thursday suddenly became extremely interesting when a ‘naughty’ lunch was decided upon. This usually happens at least once a week at around 9.30am, someone in the office turns to the others and says the words “I fancy a delicious lunch today.” Delicious always being the keyword in that sentence.

At this point everyone drops all plans whilst we all ponder upon the possibilities, usually deciding upon a BarBurrito, a Cod Scollops or a Nandos, convincing ourselves that although it’s not Friday, there is most definitely a justifiable reason to indulge in something ‘bad’ for us.

I had previously missed out on a Five Guys. So this time I was not going to miss out. I was going all in.

I’d never heard a bad word about the authentic American burger joint. However, I had always been slightly dubious about paying over £10 for a takeaway burger. But the girls at work had told me over and over again that it is a must and that the bill doesn’t necessarily have to come in at over a tenner. Challenge accepted!

As soon as I stepped foot in the restaurant there was an overwhelmingly good smell of cajun spices in the air, that’s enough to get the stomach rumbling. We had ordered online to collect so headed to the collection point and they began to cook our fries, fresh to order.

The most exciting part for me was that you choose which burger you would like and then you’re able to top with as many extras as you want with no extra cost! I know right, sounds too good to be true.

Well you better believe it. I went for a “little bacon cheeseburger”, with guidance from the girls, as I only wanted one beef patty. But there is an option for two, three or even four burgers if you are channeling your inner Adam Richman. Now for the fun part, choosing your toppings…I went for; mayo, pickles, grilled onions, relish, lettuce and tomato with extra cheese and bacon. The best bit is that you can choose how much of these toppings you get on your burger, so if you only wanted a little bit of mayo, you can choose to go lite. I chose to go with extra pickles – I LOVE GHERKINS!


There are tonnes of topping choices including; jalapenos, green peppers, grilled mushrooms, mustard, BBQ sauce and loads more. You can even opt for a lettuce wrap or to have your burger in a bowl, but as I said, I was going all in, bread included.

I also went for a “little Five Guys style fries”. But you could also choose cajun fries if you like a little spice on your frites – and you can also obviously go large!


I was also eyeing up the amazing sounding milkshakes – not sure how to feel about their bacon milkshake – so next time I will definitely be ordering a chocolate and peanut butter shake.

The burger tasted dangerously delicious and the crispy bacon just absolutely completed this taste sensation. A great added touch was being able to see the staff in the back using fresh ingredients and making the burgers from scratch on-site. However, the only criticism I would have is that my burger bun was quite soggy. I am still unsure as to whether this was down to the tomato or whether it was the foil wrapping partnered with the drive back to the office. But next time I will be reluctantly leaving out the tomato to test my theory.

I was wrong to be dubious about Five Guys, this ‘little’ burger and fries came to a grand total of £9.65 and was worth every penny. My tummy was most definitely satisfied.

Three words to describe Five Guys UK: Juicy, tasty & messy.

Five Guys – 7/10*: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

*based on the soggy bun, will re-review after next visit.

What burger toppings would you choose?



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