Penne Part 2: Carbonara

Nothing beats a good creamy pasta dish. Carbonara has always been one of my absolute favourites, even when I was younger – albeit this was usually a jarred sauce through ease. However, as my love for food and cooking progressed I realised that, actually, carbonara is super simple to make and nicer than even the best of the best jarred sauces (obviously!)

As promised in my previous post, Penne Part 1: King Prawn Penne, I would do another step-by-step on how to make a super quick and extremely easy midweek pasta dish. I have chosen my version of carbonara, as I found this recipe extremely comforting whilst attempting Slimming World in the past. It feels so naughty, but really when substituting the cream for fat free fromage frais, the guilt is almost diminished and the calories lowered!

(Enough for 2 people)

You’ll need:

200g penne pasta shapes (alternative pasta, of course, can be used)

6 rashers of bacon


1 large onion

1 garlic clove

2 large eggs (or 3 small)

2 heaped tablespoons of fat free fromage frais

Parmesan (the amount of cheese is down to your preference, I like mine REALLY cheesy, so use around 1/3 of a block for 2 people)

Salt, pepper & chilli flakes (optional)

This is how we do it…

Bring your salted water to the boil in a saucepan. Add the pasta shapes and cook as per packet instructions.

Chop your mushrooms, bacon and garlic and dice the onion. Add to a frying pan with 2 teaspoons of olive oil. Stir frequently until browned.

In a jug/bowl, whisk the eggs and fromage frais together with the grated parmesan and leave aside.

Drain the pasta and save a little of the starchy pasta water back. Put pasta back in the pan once drained, add the cooked onions, garlic, mushrooms and bacon and add salt and pepper. Turn heat on very low and add the egg, cheese and fromage frais mixture. Stir until all pasta is coated and adjust heat if neccessary until the sauce begins to stick to the pasta. But be careful not to overcook or turn up too high as the eggs will scramble.

Serve with chilli flakes (if you like a little kick), grated parmesan and extra black pepper.


Naughty tip: If you fancy a treat, use chorizo instead of bacon. The delicious paprika oils make the pasta really tasty.

This carbonara is my absolute favourite and leaves you in an amazing pasta food coma. Give it a try if you can’t resist a creamy, cheesy and delicious bowl of pasta on a cold evening.

How do you make your carbonara?


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