INDIAN: MemSaab Nottingham

The Observer Great Food Guide describes the food and service at MemSaab Nottingham as “exceptional” putting this eatery amongst the top five curries in the country, and believe me, it did not disappoint.

As soon as I walked into this restaurant off of the rainy, autumnal Nottingham streets last Saturday evening I was greeted by beautiful Indian aromas, extremely friendly staff and stylish, yet cosy, restaurant surroundings.

After being shown to our table we were brought our first course of poppadoms with what I assumed would be a typical Indian pickle tray. However, I was greeted with a wonderful array of extremely tasty accompaniments beating a bog-standard pickle tray any day of the week. These included a beautifully fresh green apple and mint sauce which worked perfectly in balancing out their spicy tomato relish which has a wonderful kick of chilli. Their orange and apricot chutney was also delicious and its tasty sweetness made sure it was voted a favourite at our table. The poppadoms were beautifully light and not at all greasy which meant they succeeded in wetting my appetite for the starter.


The simple Reshmi Kebab starter and it’s promising flavours drew me in from the word go. The minced chicken was cooked to perfection and remained extremely moist after being grilled over charcoal. The fresh mint, garam masala and coriander seed were balanced perfectly together and the slight kick of spices were cooled down by the mint relish accompaniment. The onion bhaji’s were also a huge hit, the deep fried circles of tastiness were wonderfully seasoned, again balanced out with Indian spices.


It was then time for the main event. I had extremely high hopes for my lamb rogan josh after hearing fantastic reviews on this particular dish. The curry’s spices were incredible pulling a beautiful sweetness from the cardamon but sticking to it’s roots with authentic Indian flavours. The lamb was seasoned well and very tender which meant the curry just melted in the mouth. I’m a huge fan of naan bread and opted for peshwari, this could have been slightly sweeter for my taste, but the flavours were lovely and I could tell it was very fresh.


One of the things I loved about MemSaab was the little touches which made your dining and eating experience one to remember. Upon being seated at our table we were treated to a hot flannel to clean our hands with. Another of these little touches was a small melon ball between courses to cleanse your palette ready for the next course of delicious spices.

The finishing touch was my favourite and an authentic twist that I’ve never seen before. This included our waiter bringing round a small white tablet to each person at our table before proceeding to pour hot water over it. The tablet grew into a steaming napkin ready and waiting for us to cleanse our hands after the meal.


MemSaab promises an Indian Fine Dining experience and it most definitely delivers. I will be returning to try many more of their delicious curries.

Three words to describe MemSaab Nottingham: Comforting, authentic & well-presented.

MemSaab – 9/10: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

What curry would you recommend?


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