Welcome to my world…


Welcome to Aimee’s world. Aimee being me. A 23-year-old foodie with a love for eating, eating and well, eating!

I aim to entertain you (hopefully), with my general mumblings about food, restaurants and probably something cat-related thrown in here and there.

My humble-abode is in Nottingham. So mostly expect Notts-based restaurants and eateries. However, I do try and travel, so you will see what a few other cities have to offer.

Want to read more about me? Well head to my ‘about me‘ page. If not, I hope to inspire you with my recipes, make your mouth water with my reviews and, with any luck, not bore you with anything cat related.

Follow my social media on the links below – especially my Instagram for some serious #foodporn.

All views are my own and I will be 1000% honest, rating the restaurants I am lucky enough to visit out of 10 (♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥).

Happy reading/eating/cooking!


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